18/02/2012 06:19

The International Ministerial Council of Great Britain was set up in 1968. It became an Associate Member of the British Council of Churches (BCC) in 1979. BCC is now renamed Churches Together in Britain and Ireland (CTBI). IMCGB was set up to overcome racism in Church life; to authenticate the Leadership of black and minority-ethnic clergy including women; to enable ethnic-minority Churches to speak with one voice on social issues to obtain justice; to win freedom of movement for Church workers to spread the Gospel; to establish working and sharing relationships between black and minority-ethnic and other independent Churches and the longer established Churches, and with other faith groups and secular and government bodies.

The late archbishop David Douglas founded the International Ministerial Council of Great Britain. He came to England from Jamaica in 1958.  Like many others he experienced the exclusion and non-acceptance of racist attitudes.  He understood the pain and damage of racism because he was a victim of it.  His life since was spent creating ways of overcoming racism and the suffering it causes in both Church and society.  "We want Britain to be a peaceful and happy society", he wrote in his brochure for Watford Race Representative Organization...... “and this is possible only if there is justice and equal opportunity for all".

Looking at his life in England and the things he accomplished we see a man of extreme determination, self-control and courage, and all of those qualities were inspired by the necessity to be obedient to the will of God, to complete the work God gave him to do.